Mounting Brackets

HP406 Headpod Adjustable Headrest


It is in fact the best possible way to adapt Headpod.

Thanks to the built in slot we obtain a very stable and firm fixation for the suspension arm.

Adjustable in heigth and depth, so it we will always get an optimal adaptation.

HP408 Headrest Mounting Bracket





Suitable for most headrests.

Provides a firm and discreet fixation.

Only need to screw it to the back part of the headrest plate.


HP410 “U” shaped Mounting Bracket

If for any reason there is some element in the midle part of the back of the headrest we can use this bracket instead of HP408..

It is compatible with the X-Panda headrests

HP407 Backrest Mounting Bracket

In case we wish to get a better adaptation in a high chair or stroller, we can use this option.

Also valid for big headrests.

A 140x15x15mm tube is provided. Since it is a standard measure, it is very easy to purchase a longer one if needed.

We need to make sure the adaptor reaches de upper back part of the head.

The Headpod Sensor allows us to measure the user’s movements in real time.