Headpod Kit Max HP104

El Kit Max Contains all elements of the Kit Standard HP100 plus an adjustable Headpod Headrest HP406.

It is the best adaptation option for users who are looking to buy a headrest.


– Adjustable Headpod Headrest HP406

– The components of a Standard Kit:

  1. Adjustable Arc
  2. Suspension Arm
  3. Frontal and Occipital straps
  4. Adapter A for Headrests
  5. Adapter B for rigid backrests
  6. Extender
  7. Adapter C Universal
  8. Angle Modifier
  9. Anti Slip Strap
  10. Chin Strap

Thanks to the included adapters the Headpod can be fitted to most equipments without tooling.
Thanks to the two anti slip solutions more people can benefit from the use of Headpod.


Other Kits


El Headpod Sensor allows us to analyze the users movements in real time.