HP401 Adapter A for Headrests


Fits most headrests.

Sits on the headrest and wraps it with two velcro straps for a tight fasten.

Also suitable for Tumble forms or Special Tomato type of chairs.

It is important to ensure the velcro is fastened as tight as possible.

In the images you can see some adaptation examples.


HP402 Adapter B for rigid backrests


Adequate for most high chairs or strollers.

Fits in the upper part of the backrest, then we need to tighten the thumbscrew until it stays firm.

It is possible to graduate the inclination of the suspension arm thanks to the four positions of the upper bolt.

It is important to ensure the suspension arm lays horizontal.


HP403 Adapter C Universal


Useful when we can not use Adapters A or B.

A 15x15mm tube needs to be installed in the backrest with two holes so it reaches up to the upper part of the back head.

All Kits contain a HP403 Adapter C but optionally you can purchase the version with thumscrews (HP409) as you can see in one of the pictures.


HP404 Conventional Chair Adapter


Suitable for most conventional chairs with soft backrest.

We need to fix the clamps to the handles, then insert the metal profile.

The result is a sipmple yet efective and firm adaptation.


Other accessories

The Headpod Sensor allows us to measure the user’s movements in real time.