Accessories not included with the Kits

HP303 Headpod Mini Cap

The Mini Cap is an accessory that improves Headpod aesthetically. 

HP310 Velcro Extensions

Very useful when we need to place the Adaptor A (HP401) in a Tumble Forms or Special Tomato type of chair.

Due to the harness slits are too low in those chairs, the Adapter velcro straps are not long enough, so we need to use these extensions. 

In Tumble Forms chairs we recommend to use the Angle Modifier. 

In Special Tomato chairs we need to push down until we feel the structure so we will obtain the best support.

Fixed Arcs

If desired, a fixed arc can be purchased.

They are sleeker so better aesthetically for smaller heads althought there is no functional difference.

Measures between orange parts:

Maroon Arc Mini: 11cm

Green Arc Small: 13cm

Grey Arc Medium: 15cm

Black Arc Big: 18cm

Accessories included with the Kits (parts)

HP509 Suspension Arm

The suspension arm needs to reach as close as possible to the upper back part of the head.

The tip must remain as horizontal as possible, otherwise, if it lays looking up, it may provoke hyperextension and if it looks downwards it can fell down.

If we want the user to look up and far, we can place the ladder strap backwards. If we need the user to look down so as to be able to operate a tablet or play in a board, we can move it forward towards the tip.

HP514 Frontal & occipital straps

The frontal strap is made with platinum silicone. It is hypoalergenic, easy to clean and very comfortable. 

It can be bought separately with reference HP507

The occipital mesh is designed to wrap the occipus in an ergonomic way, providing a good grip without compromising comfort. 

It can be bought separately with reference HP508.

Sometimes there can be grip issues for various reasons. A flat occipus, too much hair or very thin, a steep forehead etc… 

In these cases we recommend using the anti Slip Strap or the Chin Strap

HP601 Adjustable Arc

It’s width can be adjusted to any normal head size. In case of a size bigger than normal, we can provide a custom made arc

Due to its size, our suggestion is to use fixed arcs in heads smaller than 19in (48cm) of perimeter.

A Kit Mini which comes with the two smaller fixed arcs can be purchased. Also they can be purchased separately.

Includes one ladder strap.

HP309 Ladder Strap

This is the strap that goes from the arc to the Suspension Arm. It has been greatly reinforced and currently its resistance is beyond any expectation.

HP307 Anti Slip Strap

Some times, due to a flat occipus, too much or too thin hair, the occipital mesh can have grip problems. 

A very simple solution is to place this Anti Slip Strap which will prevent the occipital mesh to move upwards without limiting any movements.

HP308 Chin Strap

This is the solution if the frontal strap slips upwards.

It will put a little pressure in the chin but the system will not be sustained by the chin. 

It will avoid the orange parts to move upwards improving the stability and strength of the Kit.

Very appreciated by speech therapists because it helps with swallowing to very hypotonic patients.

HP510 Angle Modifier

It is important to ensure the suspension arm lays horizontal. So if it looks up we can compensate it using this accessory.

HP511 Extender

Sometimes the suspension arc stays too low, so we need to gain heigth with this accessory very easily.

It is always better to allow at least four to five holes in the ladder stap, otherwise lateral movements will be very limited creating a constrining sensation to the user.

The Headpod Sensor allows us to measure the user’s movements in real time