Kyle is our first user outside Spain.

His mum contacted us in 2012 and we are still in contact. No wonder he is one of our favourite users, maybe because he was the first one, maybe because he is a clown and his mother sends us pictures that we love.

It is a bless for us being able to be in contact with our users and see their evolution. Thanks to this continous contact we were able to mount the following comparative video about Kyle in 2012 and his evolution a year later.

In the video you can perfectly see how after using one year the Headpod he can stay a while without using any support and is capable of controling his movements.





But that is not all. Thanks to his mother, Carine, who is always on the know about new equipment useful for her son, Kyle was able to benefit from other kinds of equipment that helped him enormously in his development.

In this fun video we can see how his is having so much fun driving an electric cart by himself, although it is clear he needs some driving lessons…





What is most important is that thanks to the continous use of Headpod he was able to develop strength in the muscles of the neck and now he is able to stay longer without the Headpod.

In this video he is using a walker without the Headpod.





To end this post, just let me show you some of Kyle’s pics. No wonder we love him…