Using a swimming cup will make easier some assessments.
In some situations, especially when the user has too much hair, too thin or has no occipus, the Headpod tends to slip up.
In order to solve that we have the Anti Slip Strap (HP307) and the Chin Strap (HP308) which will solve these problems.
When doing assessments, our first concern is to know if the Headpod will be beneficial for this user, so the easier and faster we can fit the Headpod the better.
Using a swimming cap will allow us to avoid needing to place any additional straps and check if the Headpod benefits the user.
One additional benefit is that sometimes they need these additional straps just the first days, until they get used to wear the Headpod, so using a swimming cap will avoid the need to use them.
Silicone caps usually come in “one size fits all” so we recommend using the lighter one.
The model in the picture is from Decathlon is called Nabaiji light silicone and costs 0,99€
We wish to thank Philippe Neunez from Euromove, our distributor in France and Belgium for this contribution.