Headpod keeps your head up


Dynamic suspension system for people with loss of head control due to hypotonia in the muscles of the neck.  

Revolutionary “Dynamic and phisiologic” system


With Headpod the head rotates with incredible precision. Something totally unexpected in people with Cerebral Palsy, SMA and other conditions that cause head drop.


They forget about having to place the head upright so the tone smoothes and they can focus on other activities.

it helps maintain the head in equilibrium over the shoulders rendering it weightless and allowing to move it effortlessly with total precission.

Due to the continuous promotion of movement, Headpod helps strenghtening the muscles of the neck.

They forget about the issue of maintaining the head upright so the tone lowers and they can focus on other activities.





    • Reduces hypertone and hiperextension, avoiding the efforts the patients need to make to maintain the head up and improving also their coordination and movements.


    • Headpod provides a variety of beneficial secondary effects thanks to the fact of maintaining a good healthy positioning.


Research on Headpod

One device, three presentations

Ref. HP100: Contains a Headpod Harness and three adaptors so you can fit it to most equipments on the market with no tools.

Ref. HP102: For kids with a head perimeter of less than 18′ (48cm). Includes two fixed arcs instead of an adjustable arc. The rest is just like the Standard Kit.

Ref. HP104: Contains the same elements as the Standard Kit plus an adjustable headrest for Headpod. Is by far the best adaptation option.

Headpod Accessories


Headpod Sensor


The Headpod Sensor allows us to measure the user movements in real time.

Headpod Go

Allows us to use the Headpod without the need to adapt it to a structure



Headpod does not have secondary effects and helps both the users and their caretagivers.



Kids between 2 and 14 years old unable to maintain the weight of the head over their shoulders due to hypotonia in the muscles of the neck and have not an elevated tone in the trunk or pronunciated deformities. This happens in some types of cerebral palsy, neurological conditions and syndromes or conditions wich cause weakness in the muscles of the neck.

Kids older than 14 years and adults with a lower muscle tone in neck and trunk whose head can be easily manipulated and without significative kyphosis, any pronounced deformities on the column or significative mechanical restrictions.


  • Obtain an upright and phisiological position of head and neck allowing it to move and rotate easily, improving the development of the muscles of the neck.
  • To be able to feed more comfortably and safe.
  • Prevents deformities contractures and pain associated with both.
  • To have a better visual communication with the surroundings.
  • To have a balanced posture and a more relaxed muscular tone with less distonia which helps to better do any activities such as phisycal therapy, speach therapy, pedagogy, ocupational therapy, thus allowing for a better performance in school.
  • Better breathing, decreasing complications such as respiratory failure, pneumonia, bronquiestacsia, etc..
  • Improves hand-sight coordination.
  • Decreases drooling.
  • Caregivers improve the ergonomy and prevent injuries

How to adjust Headpod

How to adjust Headpod
How to adjust the adapters

Pay special atention to where the adapter is fitted and the suspension element.

If Headpod slips upwards, we recommend you one of the following solutions


Option 1:If the occipital mesh slips upwards, we recommend using the Anti Slip Strap (HP307).

Option 2: If the frontal strap slips upwards, then we recommend using the Chin Strap (HP308). Both are included in all our kits.

Both are inlcuded in the Headpod Kits.

Anti Slip Strap

Chin Strap

Our Users

This video shows the evolution obtained thanks to Headpod


In this video you can see Headpod users with the most diverse types of equipment
Images with users in different situations.


This revolutionary invention is changing the life of our daughter Lily. For the first time she is able to sit well and maintain her head upright with the help of Headpod. She can now move her head side to side, breath better, hear better and enjoy her life in a completely new way. Lilly's Mum

Now eating is a very satisfying experience Carlos del Pozo

Is incredible to be able to see him look everywhere by himself. Daniel Pérez

Is fantastic!!!, is a life changing equipment, I could not thank Headpod enough for launching this amazing device xxx Thanks Headpod!!!!. Carine Lessard Fowler

Kyle's Mum

My daughter is much more relaxed since she uses the Headpdo. It is incredible how much our daily life has changes with Headpod.

David Pérez

I’m a NHS phisical therapist from Glasgow and I have known the Headpod today thanks to a representative who tried it in two patients. It resulted excellent!! Sarah Nichols


Headpod has been a total revolution for my uncle. Phillipe Manard

My daughter tried the Headpod today. We are enchanted! we love it!! Crissy Earnhardt

¡Headpod is incredible! Joel Gaujard