Headpod is a patented invention

Who is behind Headpod?

Shanae S.G. S.L. is a company dedicated to research in the area of passenger rest, based on the innovative and patented concept of Vertical Dynamic Support of the Head. In 2009 Shanae S.G. S.L. began adapting the concept to the needs of the physically impaired, immediately achieving surprising results. Shanae S.G. S.L. is passionate about and dedicated to innovation in the area of health care. Its aim is to improve the health and well-being of people around the world by providing the means to adopt a more physiologically healthy, upright posture.


Today Shanae S.G. S.L. is backed by a global patent covering the different facets of a vertically suspended system that supports the head, providing solutions for the comfort and safety of passengers, as well as orthotics and rehabilitation for patients with various pathologies of the head and neck. Our original invention was published by the European Patent Office, and by the Patent Office of the United States.


Shanae S.G. S.L. is pioneering research in the area of passenger posture and rest. Several studies have been published, if you would like to receive these studies, please contact us:

  • Evaluation of a new device for head positioning control in physically impaired people (Centro Ramon y Cajal de ASPACE, Zizur (Navarra).<li>
  • Sleep evaluation in car passengers using a seat head hammock new device. (Sleep Unit and Department of Neurophysiology, Txagorritxu Hospital. Vitoria.Spain)
  • Reduction in the exposure to being out-of-position among car occupants who used a sleeping device. (University of Virginia, University of Navarra, and European Center for Injury Prevention)
  • Child posture and shoulder belt fit during extended night-time traveling: an in-transit observational study. (University of Virginia and European Center for Injury Prevention)
  • A New Headrest Hammock For Enhancing Sleep In Car Passengers. A randomized, controlled trial to evaluate objective and subjective sleep. (University of the Basque Country and Sleep Unit of Txagorritxu Hospital)